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Instant Classics (so I've been told)...

Demo Reel

Film, TV, & Commercials

RBC TIFF & Excel Gum Commercials (Sept.2009/Feb.2010)


I was really hoping these TIFF spots would have their own spinoff series…or at the very least - become a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE!!

The Excel commercial: No, the beard was not my own (although some really thought so).

Proline Bowling Commercial (Sept.2011)


It was quite the experience working my sports-gut or “mini-me” as I like to call him (he doesn’t find this funny). He’s a little rowdy, obnoxious, and sometimes downright difficult to work with. BUT once you get to know this guy you realize he’s just extremely passionate about the game, and by “game” I mean ANY game that happens to be on the TV for him to scream at. He’s cool though, I think you’ll like him. 


Murdoch Mysteries S7E18 - "The Death of Dr.Ogden" (Apr.2014)


Alas, my short little scene was cut even shorter when it went to air. Possibly because of the way I delivered my last line, every single take had Yannick & Thomas cracking up. At least they had a good laugh...?

Rogers Slipped Disc Commercial (Jan.2011)


Behind the scenes: a hot humid day in August, layered up with oversized clothes to look older (?), and sweating a tsunami. Every time I walked back out of frame (as you'll see in this clip) I would be immediately met with a reluctant makeup girl who had to dab/touch up my Niagara Falls forehead. Again, my sincerest apologies to that sweet & innocent makeup girl, wherever she may be…



Wiser's Art Gallery Commercial (Mar.2011)


This is still the one I get recognized for the most, and on occasion - it's immediately followed by a slow-clap (no joke). From customers, cab drivers, subway passengers, and my fave - drunk college kids at bars, I get a general salute for being part of the Wiserhood. 

Poker Wingman Commercial (June,2011)


No rabbits were harmed during the filming of this commercial. My hair unfortunately was.



Eight O'clock Coffee Interview Commercial (Aug.2013)


Here’s a little insert from my Notes To Self On Set: “Do NOT take anything away from the brilliant performance of one Miss Gwynne Phillips! Keep it small, keep it subtle, keep it simple.” Duly noted.


Bell Interior Designer Commercial (Sept.2013)


Give me a big white set, with big blue letters, a TV I can run around with, and two great actors desperately trying not to crack up from throw-lines I’m giving them - and I’ll show you a man who’s having way too much fun!







Coors Light Vented - Bye-Bye Vented Virginity Commercial (Feb.2014)


This pretty much captures how awkward I was at every high school/college party – especially during my single days! 






Ultra Strong Sponge Towels Commercial (Sept.2014)


We shot this overnight in the middle of the summer of last year. Needless to say it was one sweaty shoot, thankfully our suits were "ultra absorbent"...

Interac Grocery Commercial (Dec.2014)


If somehow you missed this during it's run over the holiday season, here's a rare & delightful occasion of me getting a wedgie!

Air Crash Investigation Mayday S14E06 - The Death of JFK Jr. (Summer, 2015)

This is me playing one hell of a serious Air Traffic Controller, for at least 39 seconds...

Tim Hortons Croissant Breakfast Sandwich Commercial (Feb.2016)


I like to think of this as my first cameo. The best part of this is watching me trying to quickly squeeze by without running into the boom mic guy & the camera man, immediately exiting this frame. 

Live Shows (The Jeremy Birrell Show/Sex with Jeremy)

The Jeremy Birrell Show, S1-EP3 @The Savannah Room (Dec.10th,2008) clip-1


This is one of the earliest clips of The Jeremy Birrell Show circa 2008!? The origins of the JB Show started here at The Savannah Room (of all places?) where we competed twice in the "Cage Match" competitions. When first entering the competition, my fellow troupe members (Cameron & Matt) had to come up with a theme based improv troupe. I received a call one night from these guys saying, "we want you to join our troupe - it's an improvised sitcom called 'The Jeremy Birrell Show''s loosely based on your life as an Actor and working at Starbucks"...true story.

The Jeremy Birrell Show, S1-EP3 @The Savannah Room (Dec.10th,2008) clip-2


As the shows would progress, every now & then Robert DeNiro would make a cameo on stage (?) - amongst many of my other limited impressions;) Unfortunately because of the quality of this clip (most of my early stuff was shot with my Fuji digital camera from 2005) you can't really see the (only) highlight of the impression. I did a really good "DeNiro face" but couldn't really do his voice. I would end up just naming films he's been in with a mock-NY accent - and that was it. What I also like about this clip is that we were already getting into our own groove as a troupe, it really started to take off in those early days - we had only formed together (approximately) a month before...

Sex with Jeremy @Comedy Bar (Jan.22nd,2010)


It is here in this show that DeNiro makes yet another cameo upon request from an audience member. From what I can remember in this scene, my "Jeremy" character was appearing on a talk show for becoming accidentally famous I would assume (it became an ongoing theme in the show, usually being famous for all the wrong reasons). Again with the quality of this video - you can't really make out the face I do BUT Miss Piggy makes a surprising cameo as well?!

Sex with Jeremy @Comedy Bar (Feb.4th,2011)


This was part of a monthly show we put on with two comedy troupes meshed together, Sex T-Rex + The Jeremy Birrell Show = "Sex with Jeremy", has a nice ring to it doesn't it? Somehow I would always find a way to incorporate myself doing something in slow-motion (?) - I don't know, I'm just a big fan of slow-mo in general?? And what's even more confusing is that it wouldn't always get a laugh, yet I STILL would bring-it every now & then. It's almost as if I thought, "this will be visually stimulating for the audience in-between some of this stand-still-confusion". I know, I’m going to have chat with my therapist about this.

Webisodes (Franklin/Sad But True Stories)

Franklin (episode 1) "Franklin visits friends..." (Mar.2015)


This is the first installment of the miniseries Franklin, a murder-mystery-drama set way back in the mid 1800's and, wait no. Sorry, that's not right? It's a ha-ha-HA-comedy set in present day about a quirky funny man named Franklin...I'm pretty sure that's what this show is about?

Franklin (episode 2) "Franklin at work..." (July,2015)


In this lovely little episode Franklin gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the wonderful world of telemarketing...

Franklin (episode 3) "Franklin on a date..." (Aug.2015) 


In this episode Franklin reminds us what NOT to say and/or do on a first date...



Franklin (episode 4) "Franklin at a wedding..." (Nov.2015)


Franklin decides to express his love to the newlyweds (Stephon & Kimberly) with a little impromptu speech...

Sad But True Stories (episode 1) "The dinosaur-shaped monkey bars" (Mar.2016)

This is the first installment of my new series where I tell the "sad but true stories" of my lovely little life, and one can't help but laugh at me (ahem, *with* me) in the process...

Sad But True Stories (episode 2) "When Hollywood came to Collingwood" (Mar.2016)

Find out which Hollywood film was actually shot in my high school-hometown...

Sad But True Stories (episode 3) "That film I was in that nobody saw" (Apr.2016)

Yellow shoes, black tights, boxer briefs, and red-dyed corn syrup - things I like to immerse myself in on my downtime...?

Sad But True Stories (episode 4) "The day(s) I met Mark McKinney" (Apr.2016)

When you meet one of your comedy heroes, you don't always get a second chance to meet them again & make a fool of yourself - or do you...?

Bits & Bites TEASER! (Jan.2014)


Just incase you missed it the first hundred times I had this circulating - here it is again?! This became quite the "teaser" as it had people teased to the question of, "will this website ever exist?" But if we were to look back at all the great teasers out there, they usually surface many months (if not years) before any release date, in which case - I'm right on time;)


Soooooo remember that teaser trailer, for that website thing that I was talking about forever ago? Yeah, me neither. Check out the official launch trailer I made featuring cameos from some of Toronto's finest/talented actors, improvisors, comedians, and just downright good peeps! Enjoy!!

"Remember Summer?" (Jan.2016)


This is a funny little song I wrote about the transition of Canadian seasons, & my general thoughts &/or feelings about it. I shot this over the past year (obviously) during my daily commute to work on the subway. Enjoy!

When your wife asks you to start dinner... (Mar.2016)


I don't think I actually made dinner that night...?


"Please hold" (Apr.2016)

Here's a short I made about dealing with customer service & the "joys" of being put on hold!

April Snow (Apr.2016)

Your worst nightmare coming soon to a theatre near you!

May Snow (May.2016)

May 15th, 2016: Snow begins to fall from the sky. An unexpected sequel is born...

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