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My Band Music, Solo Music, & Studio/Music Videos

Once & Future Failure (1st Rough Cut)

I shot this in the fall last year mainly as a rough take to see how the 8mm effect would turn out. Even though there was no big concept for this video, it began to grow on me, enough so that I would share it. I wrote this song many years ago about a relationship I was in, that in fact - never really was a relationship to begin with. The music is a studio recording with my band-mate Patrick Kennedy from our 2008 ep.

Fall 2007 Demo EP Recording Session (Clip-1)

This is a clip from one of our many recording sessions with our producer Adrian. While he's clearly trying to edit/mix one of our songs with Pat & I giving the occasional thumbs up, I decide "now" is a good time to pick up Adrian's ukulele and start playing it...!

I'M ON SOUNDCLOUD?! (I will continue to post new stuff every now & then that I feel is "worthy" of sharing...stay tuned!)

Fall 2007 Demo EP Recording Session (Clip-2)

This is your classic behind-the-scenes shot, both sides of the recording process...literally. But with my voice on one side and my physical self on the other - what side am I truly on!? (Nerd).


Fall 2007 Demo EP Recording Session (Clip-3)

Here we get up-close-&-personal with "the man, the myth" that is - Jeremy Birrell...well not really. This is just a close-up of me - if that last clip didn't satisfy you enough;)


Fall 2007 Demo EP Recording Session (Clip-4)

This is me listening to a playback of my vocals I just "laid down" (no I did NOT just say that)? As you can see I'm pretty happy with them, so much so that I decide to air-guitar Pat's lead riff, as well as do my own interpretive dance of victory!!


Spring 2008 Demo EP Recording Session 

This is one of those beautiful moments where in the midst of recording one song, Pat & I stumbled on another (which was how most of our jam sessions went). While we were both recording instrumentals for this song, in-between takes I started fiddling with this frantic sort of build on the organ. Pat then added his little riff and suddenly we were off! One of my fondest moments, once the creative juices were flowing we were unstoppable - until Adrian would actually have to stop us because this "new song" wasn't the one we were currently recording! I love how even near the end of this clip, with Adrian asking over the headphones, "are we ready?" - the two of us are still trying to piece together this "new potential song"...

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